The Healing and Teachings of James & Reiko Heartland.

Awake Nature Glossary

We publish and update the Awake Nature Glossary in response to your requests for definitions of terms which clearly illuminate the language used in our work. Please feel free to write us with questions and/or comments.

Regarding the purpose of Awake Nature, James notes:

"In truth, Awake Nature cannot be taught or described, since it is beyond all conditions and reference. "Awake Nature," is simply a term used to indicate one's already perfect being, which exists only in the timeless present as itself, without any, "creative force," as its origin.

"The tools we teach all our students and clients, are designed so they may transform themselves now, from the confusion of conditioned, reactive ego and personality, to the joy of unconditioned, responsive and spontaneous presence.

"In a very real way, Awake Nature's purpose is to simply remind us of what we've always been and known in our hearts, from the timeless beginning."

AWAKE NATURE: The Natural State Of All.

Awake Nature is the eternal, unconditioned self-originating, consciously living foundation of all reality, both individual and universal, which is experienced as self-recognizing goodness.

Literally, human beings are the aspect of Nature which is self-aware. We are the self-aware consciousness of Nature, able to self-reflect, and alter our environment for good, or for ill.

To, "be awake," is to be fully present and have the choice to live free of conditioning, never forgetting everything is one's own heart, even the strange and disturbing. After all, if we canot accept and love all of ourselves, we cannot accept and love each other. Indeed, we cannot love and protect the Earth, if we are at war with ourselves!

The view of Awake Nature is omniscient perfection in everything as it is, without the need to change anything. In Awake Nature's simple, ordinary presence, one easily recognizes their own being is not supported by anything. That one has forever been here and now, and always shall be.

This is the true meaning and reality of, "I am that I am."


Who are you? It's easy to look at thought, history and feelings to answer this seemingly simple question. But, deep in your heart, far beyond the considerations of identity, time and place, lives the timeless, nameless presence of unconditioned awake goodness.

It has many names, like, "soul," but to name or qualify it in any way, is to lose its defining character, which can only be found in silence, stillness and the luminous, empty space of our natural being.

Original Self knows only the present, and oneself as pure love. If you look within to your absolute truth, it is this everyone finds, and only this. It is, "no thing," so it's easily overlooked by ego's need for objects and identity, but, Original Self has no agenda or ego to bruise.

Do you understand? Have you ever felt completely one with Nature, that everything is perfect, and doesn't need to change? This joy and contentment is the uncontrived natural view of Original Self and Awake Nature. In these moments, don't you feel the eternal and the omniscient close by? Don't you feel Home?

There is only one heart and it is all. It is awake, perfect goodness. Evil and fear seem to be only when we have forgotten we are always safe and Home.

So, Original Self is no self at all, but the presence of your own natural being. Your heart always knows this without thought. If we believe something or someone is, "other," we forget our natural wholeness, and find ourselves separate, isolated and confused. Isn't it time to end such suffering?

From the view of Original Self, there is no other, even as Nature displays its glory in infinite forms and beauty. The heart knows itself in everything, and thus, awake, perfect goodness self-recognizes.

In other words, we experience Nature's beauty, because it is a reflection of our own.


Conscious, unconditioned presence is revolutionary to all thought, habit, ego, dogma and identification because these are always conditioned mind. Unconditioned, natural presence is before, during and after all appearances, thoughts and emotions. Unconditioned presence is the true ground of being. It can't be demonstrated, but it can be known. Thus, the Natural State of Awake Nature revolutionizes mind and body, destroying ego-identification, history, tradition, culture and dependancy on the content of mind to, "define," oneself. Under all changing conditions, the pure being of Awake Nature remains unconditioned and perfect as one truly is, and always shall be.


The point of instant presence and self-recognizing goodness, which characterizes the individual, as distinct from the omniscience of Original Self. Heart is the true seat of awareness, the brain is only a filing-cabinet!

When you want to be seen and loved as you authentically are, it's your heart, not your brain, you wish to be known by. Isn't this true?

Heartmind is not the physical heart or mind, but the, "little universe," of pure being, as oneself. Heartmind is the single-centered presence which can never forget what you have always been: Nature, Love, Goodness and Home, here and now!


Formulated by James over 20 years ago as a , "new language of the heart," Soul Healing quickly became a helpful means of assisting one in Self-Recognition, revealing to those who believe is Soul, the long-buried secret of awake, perfect goodness being one's ture heart and being.

Here and now, one has never been a history, ego or other. If you believe you are separate, isolated and different from everyone else, then you have forgotten your wholeness, and live an incomplete life. Soul Healing corrects this innocent mistake, and shows clearly, Heaven is here and now.

Our natural purpose in life is to love each other, to play, and to compassionately help others who suffer the forgetting and ignorance of their true Nature. Soul Healing, indeed Awake Nature helps us recognize everyone and everything as love them, the Earth and Nature as we would be loved!