The Healing and Teachings of James & Reiko Heartland.

What Is Personal Growth?

What Is Personal Growth?

Being honest with yourself, enough to see what needs to change, for true happiness and health to blossom. Personal growth is an investment in your wholeness as a human being. Everyone has parts of themselves that need, "growing." All of us need help sometimes, to heal and awaken from the illusion of thought, belief and ego. Personal growth asks patience, compassion and love for oneself, as you learn to release habit, the past and confusion, for the freedom of joy and happiness here and now!

Why is personal growth important?

Unless and until we heal, we will unconsciously react, and behave as if we are still living in the past, in relationship to the people who hurt or mislead us. Those close to us will suffer, and our own suffering will continue into the future. I ask you, are you only your thoughts, feelings and beliefs? Of course not! Personal growth helps us see beyond the limits of ego, habit and reactive emotion, helping us live fully and comfortably in the present.

How does it work?

Awake Nature sessions combine counseling, bodywork, dream analysis, nutritional advice, movement exercize and more, to reveal the blocks to freedom and happiness. What is asked of you is a willing comittment to regular, weekly work with the counselor, who will also give you, "homework," assignments. Each part of the work treats an aspect of the blocks. For example, in depression or poor self-image, unhealthy diet, lack of exercize and chronic physical tension play important roles in maintaining the problem. Nutritional advice, movement exercize and bodywork are used to reverse and heal the effects of poor diet, stress, etc.

What are the benefits?

A short list would include (but not be limited to), increased creativity, happiness not dependant on something other than oneself, relaxation, insight and understanding of self and others, spontanaity, patience, kindness, self-love, higher self-esteem and more!

Don't wait for the, "right time," it won't come! Now is the time to heal. Be honest, get the help you need, and believe in your true heart of goodness and joy!

"Nature's Wonders and Beauty Are A Reflection Of Your Own! Grow Your Heart Naturally, With Love and Care. "