The Healing and Teachings of James & Reiko Heartland.

What is the shared essence of all Spirituality? The nondual wisdom of pure awareness and unconditional goodness... what we call,  AWAKE NATURE

James & Reiko

Through Awake Nature, James & Reiko Heartland invite you to learn, practice, and master the amazing secrets of authentic spiritual awakening.

How does awareness know itself? Like a star and its light, awareness shines equally on all. Awareness is always self-aware. Every human being is aware of being aware. In reality, you are already perfectly enlightened. Discovering how this is true, means seeing through the illusion of egoic identity.

In our distracted, stress-filled world, unconscious, habitual beliefs cloud and confuse our awareness. We all have thoughtless, unfeeling reactions that seem to come from nowhere, haunting our lives with depression or unfulfilled dreams. Happiness seems far away, but there is a path to freedom. End all seeking, and realize authentic happiness now.

Awakening simply is the recognition of your natural presence as pure awareness. Awakening is seeing how our true nature of pure awareness is far beyond thought, ego and beliefs. The flow of daily life is our continuous practice, as awakened presence expands to include every aspect of experience.

This is the shared essence of Dzogchen, Advaita Vedanta, and the teachings of J. Krishnamurti. 

Suffering and confusion arise from the illusion of a separate self. This imagined, reactive “I” and the world of ego is projected onto pure awareness, and assumed to be reality. We all imagine how “things are” only to find our ideas are mistaken.

In the same way, ego imagines meditation as an action that gets a result. This is not meditation. If mind is active or still, it doesn’t change the purity of awareness. Thus, we don’t do meditation, we are meditation.

Resting as pure awareness, activity and non-activity are seen as the illusion of ego. Awareness is all you are, never a doing or becoming…

Honest self-enquiry discovers the changeless reality behind ‘I’. The end of ego is always found in pure awareness. Everything is known as your true spiritual heart. Come discover all Awake Nature has to offer.