The Healing and Teachings of James & Reiko Heartland.

We Are The Earth

Awake Nature's mission begins with one's unconsciousness about who and what we truly are. We are Nature, and the Earth itself. Everything we are as human beings is derived from Nature, our food, water, air, sunlight, and more. There is no separation between humanity and Nature, and there never has been.

For example, imagine pristine wilderness. In it are people who love each other. What in this scene is not Nature? Nothing, of course. So it's easy to see in the people loving each other, it is Nature loving itself, Nature learning of and knowing itself.

Try saying these words, "I, Nature." Breathe Deep, and say them again. "I, Nature." What happens to your view of yourself when you speak so? "I, Nature." Beyond your conditioning lives the truth of pure being. Before we are human, we are Nature.

The spirit of mankind is woven finely into Nature's beauty. I believe our wonder and awe in Nature is a reflection of our own, inner beauty. Yet, the world seems bent on forgetting its reality and deep connection to the Earth. Why?

The Earth and humanity are suffering greatly under pollution, war, global warming, deforestation, the loss of pure drinking water, the destruction of the atmosphere, and the list goes on.

How has it come to this? What is the, "cause," of what afflicts us as a race? When will we as a people recognize the problem and act for our children's, and the Earth's sake? Something is wrong in the individual, and all cultures. No one is to blame, but we are all responsible for healing ourselves, and the planet.

Physical, emotional, mental, sexual and societal abuse are an unchecked epidemic affecting as many as 8 out of 10 human beings on this planet. Is it any wonder we see the unconscious destruction of the Earth at the same time we see war?

All of these problems are from human activity. We seem unaware of the consequenses of our thoughts, reactive emotions and behavior. Family, work, and our institutions are wounded. Look at greed, social and economic manipulation, the political, business and religious abuses of authority. Is this conscious behavior, or the actions of people who are lost?

I am not fixing blame, and I am not judging, any more than I can judge someone who has a terrible disease. We can go back hundreds of generations, and still not find the originator of family violence. We must accept the situation as it is, before we can ever hope to resolve it!

In our woundedness and ignorance of our true Nature, we become lost in thought, lost in ego and the negative beliefs which make this moment appear to be a repeat of what caused our woundedness to begin with. Notice it's the negative beliefs ego clings to to define itself. But I ask you, are you only your thoughts and beliefs? No. There is another way to live and be happy!

Awake Nature's mission is the healing and awakening of humanity. No one can do this for us. We all must make the choice for ourselves.

Yes, terrible things happen, like giant corporations who pollute and destroy the Earth for the sake of profit, or child sexual abuse. We all know what's going on, because it's happened to us or someone we love. Denial does nothing to heal the problem, it only creates more suffering. So let's face it, own it and heal, otherwise, the Earth will no longer be able to support us, and we will fight each other to the end.

Please consider the kind of life and world you want to live in! A new world is within. Are you ready?