The Healing, Empowerment and Enlightment Teachings of James Heartland & Reiko Kanno.

Spiritual Adventures In Nature!

A cornerstone of our work, Spiritual Adventures in Nature grew out of James' pilgrimage to Tibet, and his initiation into Bon Shamanism, Tibet's native spirituality. We are all born with a Natural Meditation and Spirituality within, which we can experience directly in wilderness. Let us show you how and why this part of your natural being is so vital to your spiritual health and growth! You may not believe your eyes, but you will believe your heart.

BodyWork Therapy

BodyWork is not just, "a rub," or, "massage." BodyWork Therapy is a process of discovery, relaxation, release of old habits and self-images...and more. Choose BodyWork as an introduction to Mind-Body Education or other aspects of Awake Nature. As we've said above, specialized sessions include all parts of the Awake Nature Session, so get ready to learn, have fun and grow, as you experience Awake Nature BodyWork Therapy!



Ceremonial blessing is an acnient, heart-centered acknowledgement of one's holiness. To be seen and recognized as a spiritual being is essential for living consciously in the world. Blessing children at birth, honoring the recently passed, all this and more fall into the realm of cherished blessing.

More, learning the spontaneous BLESSING WAY in Nature, brings the knowledge of our connection to the Earth as a living spiritual force deep into our daily lives. Regular time spent in Nature is wonderful, but to bring the Blessing Way with you, is to KNOW your spiritual wholeness in and as Nature's power and beauty.

To experience these two kinds of blessings is to truly be blessed in life!


Consecration is to make something or someone, to be known as sacred. A home, sactuary, altar, relationship or simple object like a crystal or talisman, a new business or venture, a school, and a church all must have prayers, blessings and consecration from the goodness of people to "spiritually come alive." Please reflect on the quality of your life, and find a place for receiving and giving holy consecration. Our ceremony is based in the native Nature-Spirit traditions of Old Europe, Tibet, North America and Japan.


Ceremonial release of a loved one, home, time in life or relationship is a valued aspect of grieving, letting go, and renewal. All things pass away, like leaves in a stream. We can't hold on, if we are to mature, grow and find the wisdom hidden in all experience. Releasing is never easy, but is is most fulfilling for the heart, soul, body and mind. The relief of letting go and moving on with love is well-known through the world. Including ceremonial release in our life, is to accept the mystery of being alive, and know the wisdom of love.

"Everyone Has A Heart Of Awake, Perfect Goodness Just Like Yours! Let Them Know You See Their Goodness!"