The Healing, Empowerment and Enlightment Teachings of James Heartland & Reiko Kanno.

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JAMES HEARTLAND is a gifted counselor, Spiritual Teacher and Healer, who, for the last 30 years has helped thousands of people realize the grace and power of their already enlightened Nature.

At the age of four, he experienced a series of remarkable, "dream-memories," and mystical awakenings which continue today. In 1990, he was led to Tibet, and his initiation into Natural Spirituality and Bon Shamanism. Life's spiritual reality here and now have since become a mainstay of his work.

His realization and empowerment have deepened into a freedom, wisdom and optimism he shares equally with everyone. James is able to spontaneously generate the Natural State beyond enlightenment, and mirror it to the heart of any and all who sincerely seek liberation.

His work and teachings are filled with humor, compassion and love. His understnding of heart, mind, body and emotions, has shown through his practice of Mind-Body Education (Somatic Psychology), Dream Analysis, BodyWork Therapy, Meditation Instruction and Shamanism.

His skillful, powerful healings and counseling are offered in a spirit of equality and tenderness. James teaches individual, couple and group sessions, classes and workshops world-wide to all who honestly wish to heal and awaken as their already-enlightened, Original Self.

James Heartland is an internationally known Reichian Therapist, the originator of Soul Healing ©, and Integral BodyWork Therapy ©, as seen in his Video: Massage For Health with Shari Belafonte. Winner, "Best Instructional Video" for 1989.

REIKO KANNO is a Spiritual Teacher, Life Advisor and Health Care Specialist, whose natural purity and strength is recognized by all who know her. Dedication to Spirit and helping people is her main purpose in life.

An Accupuncturist with a specialty in Japanese and Thai Massage, she integrates Japanese Art and Dance with Oriental Medicine and her Natural Spirituality.

Her careful attention to detail and concern for her client's needs have been respected and honored throughout her career.

"Goodness Is The Only Awareness Which Can See Through The Illusions Of Ego, Behavior and Appearance."