The Healing and Teachings of James & Reiko Heartland.


Crystal Reading

For many, Intuitive Insight offers a quality of guidance they trust. James' intuitive abilities appeared at an early age. He stands firmly on the conviction that intuition is a natural part of being human. Intuition in decision-making helps us understand others' or our own character and motivation. Crystal Readings honor each person's unique relationship to the invisible. James & Reiko's accuracy and results speak for themselves! Mental, physical, emotional, financial issues, as well as relationship, past, present and future aspects are all addressed. Learn the power and proper place for all your intuitive gifts!


First Sessions are Diagnostic, last 90 minutes, and encompass the entire range of our main service offerings. Following sessions are typically 60 minutes, and work specific issues and needs as they spontaneously arise in the healing process.

Sessions can include (but are not limited to), Counseling in Mind-Body Education (Somatic Psychology), Movement Therapy, Integral BodyWork Therapy, Nutritional Counseling, Dream Analysis, Intuitive Insight and more.

Please feel free to call, write or email us with any questions. There is no charge for initial consutations, which last 15 minutes.

Dream Analysis

Dreams are the body-mind's language of experiential integration, understanding, remembrance and even prediction! Dream analysis allows clients to gain valuable insight into their psychology, relationships, emotions and natural spirituality. We suggest to keep a journal, pencil or recorder next to your bed, so you may make a record of your dreams on awakening. Dreams can quickly fade from memory, so get them down! All facets of personality, intuition and the unconscious mind are available to you, so learning and self-understanding are greatly increased!


Spiritual healing is part of our work, because it is an important part of our natural life! For example, consider how many studies and experiments have demonstrated the heart's healing power through prayer and affirmations. Closely related to intuition, spiritual healing is a message from the invisible which can change lives dramatically! In our experience, faith and trust sometimes do a better job of healing that logic or analysis. We promise nothing, but offer a sincere, honest belief in Heaven's love for us all. Open your heart, and receive. After you are healed, open your heart, and give healing yourself.