The Healing and Teachings of James & Reiko Heartland.

Nonduality, Dzogchen, and Shamanism

Dzogchen focuses on the NON-DUAL NATURAL STATE, pointing out how immediate, direct experience is far superior to techniques, methods and dogmas. 

Dzogchen first appeared in Central Asia over 17,000 years ago, and has been preserved in its original form in the ‘Emptiness-Shamanism' of Tibet’s Bon spiritual tradition.

Dzogchen also found its way into Tibetan Buddhism, where it is preserved primarily in the Nyingma School.

Our natural state of non dual, unconditional awareness is called RIGPA.

Our authentic, perfect nature as awareness is called CLEAR LIGHT,  which is like empty space, with nothing in it but its self-arising LUMINOSITY.

RIGPA is not a mindless void, but pure, self-recognizing Awareness.

In RIGPA, Dzogchen practitioners clearly, nakedly see how all things, thoughts, and egoic self-images have no basis in reality, but are only mental projections.

Mental phenomena only appear and disappear in AWARENESS, and nowhere else. 

One then carefully and deeply considers where exactly the mind and awareness appear from. 

In the thorough non-meditation called CONTEMPLATION, one truly sees how “mind" is indestructible empty awareness, and always has been. No one exists who has ever truly had the ego-consciousness called “me”. 

"Self-Liberation Through Seeing With Naked Awareness”, written by the great Bon / Buddhist master, Padmasambhava. 
In this remarkable tantra, he describes the various names of non-duality and RIGPA, in the SPACE of inseparable goodness and empty awareness:

"With respect to its “name", the various names that are applied to the natural state, are inconceivable!
Some call it "the nature of the mind" or "mind itself."
Some Tirthikas call it by the name Atman or "the Self."
The Sravakas call it the doctrine of Anatman or "the absence of a self."
The Chittamatrins call it by the name Chitta or "the Mind."
Some call it the Prajnaparamita or "the Perfection of Wisdom."
Some call it the name Tathagata-garbha or "the embryo of Buddhahood."
Some call it by the name Mahamudra or "the Great Symbol."
Some call it by the name "the Unique Sphere."
Some call it by the name Dharmadhatu or "the dimension of Reality."
Some call it by the name Alaya or "the basis of everything."
And some simply call it by the name "ordinary awareness."

"Self-Liveration through Seeing with Naked Awareness"
translated by John Mydhin Reynolds

My Grace

On the road beyond Knowing Point, I’ve met something, someone there, and you can too…

  Nature’s wild beauty abounds, one delight upon another. 

In such a reverie, comes the distinct sense of being in or very near, something… deeply mysterious… 

a presence like anyone with us now, not God (anymore than you or I), but sacred, like pure goodness … loving even…

  You recall where, far past the blowing sand and fog, the beach cliffs covered in flowering vines.  The sand there lofty, piled against the cliff walls in massive dunes, the waves piling more, and more…

  That presence comes to me so vivid and warm, I call out…

  “Are you with me now?”

  A strong gust of wind is my answer.

  “Who are you?”

  “My grace,” comes the whispered reply, “My grace…”

  A flood of questions I can’t help asking pour from my heart…

  “What is all this, life, death, the universe…?”

  “My grace…”

  “… and I?”

  “My grace… Do you feel beauty?” 
The question startles me. I know in an instant, how much beauty felt in my heart, means to me…

  “I do.”

  “Then you and I are one, as my grace… 
God, Heaven, Soul, all forever sharing my omniscient heart of unconditional goodness and love…”

  Yes, there is nothing other…

  Hearing the words, I know their unshakable truth in my deepest honesty with myself, like a living, breathing law of nature so undeniable, tears of joy blur my vision...

  “I am only this,” I hear myself say.

  “Yes, my grace,” comes the echoing sound…

  my grace… my grace… my grace…

  An individual’s knowing is so shallow next to the all-one’s. The wisdom of wholeness is its oneness in love with all…
The mind of wisdom instantly sees the singular truth of all things, releasing the insanity of a divided self, into the grounded clarity of non-dual presence.

  Sitting at the top of the dunes, the sea’s clear water is like a giant aquamarine, sparkling colors in every kind of light.    

James & Reiko