The Healing, Empowerment and Enlightment Teachings of James Heartland & Reiko Kanno.

The Spiritual View Of Awake Nature

Soul Is Infinite

When we choose a human life in this world, we take physical form as a body. But, the body has a limit. When we release the body in death, our spirit or, "soul," doesn't end. It exists forever.

We have proof of the soul not only being in this body, through the facts of synchronicity, deja-vu, coincidence and miracles. Near-death experiences and reincarnation are also gaining wide-spread acceptance.

Most people ignore these facts when it happens to them, but that doesn't mean it's not there.

The most important thing is to open our hearts to all possible ideas for improving our lives.

Human Beings Are All Equal. All Living Beings Should Be Respected Equally.

All life: air. water, plants, animals and the Earth itself should be respected as equal to human beings. We are one with Nature. No one is greater than anyone else. No being should be respected more than another.

There Are Three Jobs To Do In Life

  • Loving
  • Being Compassionate to others and ourselves.
  • Awakening through personal growth and spiritual practice.

We've come to this planet for learning this. Now we are here.

To grow ourselves spiritually, mentally and emotionally, and to heal ourselves into awakening is the maximum and minimun responsibility we should take in our lives.When we successfully deal with personal growth, the next step, healing, spontaneously happens. By healing ourselves, our love will be greater.

One who gives great love to themselves, without trying, can share it with others. So first, we must love ourselves completely.

Is the language of spirit, even in complete silence. When we are our natural selves, free of reaction, judgment and ego, then compassion is free to act in the world. This is the purpose of life, once we have awakened.

We Are One

Other people, nations, races...
All living beings...
Water, air, Earth, even cosmic dust, are all interconnected to be able to exist.

None of these exist separately, without the other.

In other words, what we do necessarily affects everything. When we think something and act out of that thought, it becomes the cause of an effect in this world. Finally, we receive something as the result of our action.

If we have positive thoughts at the beginning, it will start as positive action, and bring a positive result.

In the reverse, negative thoughts and ill will bring that result to us.

Humanity Is Nature and Perfect Goodness

We are naturally perfect goodness, but we have forgotten.

We have forgotten to remember to intentionally make the Earth a planet of love, and remember individually how important love is.

We can't blame people who have forgotten who they really are, when they hurt themselves and others, or the environment, and even make war.

They don't what they are doing, or how to take care of themselves.

When we begin to self-care, we see our action through new eyes, and feel how much we impact others and the Earth.

Then, we know increasingly we are perfect goodness. We love ourselves more, and others, all living beings, the Earth itself and take care of them.

Life Is An Uncertain Adventure

One's character at birth determines the range of risk they're willing to take. However, the risk in life can be a gift we can enjoy.

Open our heart to all life. Open our eyes to the meaning of being alive.

This is the view of Awake Nature, and the heart when it is free to be like a child in the Kingdom of Heaven, which is always and forever here and now.

"The Joy Of Living Is In The Loving!"

Remember, You Are A Nameless, Timeless Goodness That Is Awake!